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First French region for the production of industrial rubber. This region has decided to include in its strategy of intelligent specialization from 2019 the creation of a new area of specialization in the form of a horizontal measure dedicated to reindustrialization.

This will be done through the implementation of a multi-material approach of which Polymeris is the pilot with the CNRS and which is organized in close connection with the ongoing project of MATEX Research and Development Alliance on materials in extreme conditions which federates 9 regional research laboratories, in connection with the industrial fabric and with the ambition to obtain the creation in 2023 of a new dedicated Carnot Institute.

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Strategic partners

Industry partners:


  • Polyvia

Regional partners:

DEV’UP, Université de Tours, Université d’Orléans, Délégation Centre Limousin Poitou-Charentes du CNRS, Atlanpole Biotherapie, Cosmetic Valley, Dream Eau et Milieux, S2E2, Vegepollys Valley…

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The news

Back to: POLYMERIS Scientific Day

On December 12, 2023, Polymeris organized its annual Scientific Day on the theme of Aging and Sustainability. Each year, the Scientific Day deals with a key topic in the cluster's Technology Roadmap drawn up by the Scientific Council.

Just over fifty participants came together to discuss the topic from a number of different angles: the stresses placed on materials over time, materials recycling and, finally, the characterization of materials and aging.

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POLYMERIS strengthens its presence at the heart of the Centre-Val de Loire Region

Today marks a significant milestone for the Polymeris competitiveness cluster for rubber, plastics and composites, with the inauguration of its new premises in the Agreen Lab'O Village de CA in Orléans. This expansion is accompanied by a strengthening of the team dedicated to the region, illustrating our commitment to our members and the region's industrial and academic players.

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Back to: the meeting of the MATEX Industrial Club

On March 21, the 7th meeting of the MATEX Industrial Club took place, organized by the co-hosts, Martin Depardieu DWS, Catherine Bessada, CNRS, Martin Pajot Polymeris and Maéva Lemée and Natacha Olivier Technopole d'Orléans.
In the morning, we visited the Atelier Loire Chartres. During this visit we could discover the work of the master glassworkers in particular for the design and the restoration of stained glasses. You will find on their website a range of their most beautiful and great projects,

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France 2030 - Facilities in the Centre-Val de Loire Region

In the 54 billion euros allocated to the financing of innovative projects and their industrialization by France 2030, 500 million are dedicated to a territorialized component that perpetuates a strong and sustainable partnership between the State and the Regions, major partners for economic development. The regionalized France 2030 program is based on three priorities: consolidating economic growth, encouraging regional resilience, accelerating transitions, and responding to ecological, energy, digital and health challenges.
The "Centre-Val-de Loire - Regionalized France 2030" scheme is divided into four areas:

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Past events

The S2E2 and POLYMERIS clusters are joining forces to host “Usine à Projets”, a workshop to help you meet challenges and innovate!

Join the business delegation organized by Dev'Up Centre-Val de Loire at Hyvolution 2024, in partnership with Polymeris

Polymeris organizes its annual scientific day to highlight the research work carried out by academics as part of projects supported by the cluster.

Launch of the MATEX instrument park

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