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A look back at the Polymeris Scientific Day

On December 12, 2023, Polymeris organized its annual Scientific Day on the theme of Aging and Sustainability. Each year, the Scientific Day deals with a key topic in the cluster's Technology Roadmap drawn up by the Scientific Council.

Just over fifty participants came together to discuss the topic from different angles: material stress over time, material recycling and, finally, material characterization and ageing. In the opening session, our partners IPC and CNEP presented the challenges of material ageing and the need to take them into account upstream of design and production. The day was then punctuated by presentations and networking sessions, ending with a visit to the CEMHTI - CNRS Orléans, organized by Lavinia BALAN's team, which is working on photopolymers and metapolymer nanocomposites, from their development through characterization to identification of their intrinsic properties.

We would like to thank our partners, IPC and CNEP, for their support and oral contributions to this day, as well as CNRS for hosting us and organizing the highly instructive visit to CEMHTI. Many thanks to our speakers: CNEP - Centre National d'Evaluation de Photoprotection, BARBIER, GREMI-CNRS Orléans, IPC, MS4ALL, MINES PARIS, FRAUNHOFER, ENSAM and IN MODELIA.

The day was also an opportunity to inaugurate the move of the Polymeris Centre-Val de Loire branch, which has been part of the Agreen LAB'O Village by CA since October 2023. At this event, hosted by René REVAULT - Honorary Chairman of Polymeris, we were honored to welcome Anne BESNIER, Vice President for Higher Education for the Centre-Val de Loire Region, Anthony DUMAS, Project Manager for Agreen LAB'O Village by CA and Pénélope COUTURE, Regional Manager for Centre-Val de Loire for the CARA cluster, which is housed in the new Polymeris offices.


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