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MyPolymeris is the online collaborative platform developed by the Polymeris cluster. Access is reserved to cluster members, but non-members can access the public group. Launched in 2018, the MyPolymeris platform has close to 900 users.

MyPolymeris is based on a news wall: technology watch, clubs, partner searches, videos, calls for projects, and more. The platform is chock full of high value-added content for you and your employees. Sign in today!

The advantages

  • Benefit from a direct and exclusive access to other members of the cluster
  • Receive only the information that interests YOU
  • Increase your visibility with other members

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Joining MyPolymeris means:

  • Promoting your company’s latest news

  • Finding partners, suppliers and customers

  • Browsing current calls for skills and projects

  • Accessing videos of our webinars

  • Interacting with other club members

  • Viewing the latest event reports

  • Building relationships with other members

Create your company file on the platform's directory so that other members can identify you more easily. Present your activity, submit your brochure to download, broadcast your video...


Learn about the latest technology trends

Polymeris and the experts of its Scientific Committee have joined forces with the monitoring teams of the Industrial Technical Center IPC to offer you a monitoring service on the 12 priority themes of its technology roadmap.

Subscribe only to the topics that interest you.

Go to MyPolymeris and sign up to receive your weekly personalized watch directly.

  • Composites

  • Surface functionalization

  • Formulation and Filling

  • Biosourced Materials

  • Recyclable Materials

  • Process Monitoring

  • Recycling processes

  • Transformation processes

  • Simulation and instrumentation

  • Aging and durability

  • Ecodesign

  • Structural electronics

Join a Club and interact with club members on MyPolymeris

  • Composites Club

  • Packaging Club

  • Europe Club

  • Additive Manufacturing Club

  • Innovation and Medical Club

  • International Club

  • Tooling Club

  • Intelligent Plastics Club

  • Polyurethane Club

Create a group on a specific theme

Designed as a space for exchange and collaboration between the actors in our ecosystem, MyPolymeris allows everyone to share their expertise on key themes for innovation such as the circular economy, the factory of the future or advanced materials. You can propose to create a new theme and invite other members to join you.

Join Polymeris and enjoy many advantages


  • News of the cluster
  • Public News
  • Thematic watch
  • Clubs
  • Call for projects
  • Call to the network
  • European opportunities
  • Replay
  • CV library


  • News of the cluster
  • Public News
  • Thematic watch
  • Clubs
  • Call for projects
  • Call to the network
  • European opportunities
  • Replay
  • CV library

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