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A cross-disciplinary field, key to our materials cluster

Materials are everywhere, they are the building blocks of everyday products and objects. They are developed and adapted as our society changes and new regulatory constraints are imposed, particularly in relation to product end-of-life.

Polymeris has identified this area as a strategic priority in its roadmap, because tomorrow’s materials must be recyclable, with a minimal carbon footprint, and will increasingly need to be biobased or even biodegradable in different environments, as well as high-performance, in the case of composites for the transport sector.

What are the priorities for phase V?

On this axis, Polymeris proposes to its members projects emergence days around new materials and their applications and industrial solutions days with presentations of innovative solutions providers.

It is essential that new recycled materials are high-performance if they are to be adopted by industry. Whether rubber, polymer or composite materials, we must know them inside out, in terms of their origin, durability and properties, and must integrate this information into simulation codes and develop testing methods specific to the new standards due to be imposed.

Finally, when combining materials to optimise their individual performance, it must be possible to dismantle or separate them at the end of their life cycle for reuse, recycling or other purposes.

One of the cluster's key actions

Focus on the MATEX project

Polymeris is a partner in the MATEX ARD (Ambition for Multi-Material Research and Development in Extreme Conditions)


Project sponsor: CNRS Centre-Val de Loire Region

Duration: 2021-2025



Structuring regional research to highlight it on an international scale through collaborative projects with industry.

  • The processes of elaboration of multi materials;
  • Materials under extreme conditions;
  • Analysis of durability, aging and recyclability.

Our Projects in Europe on advanced materials

You want Polymeris to accompany you (set-up, labeling, opportunity analysis...)? Polymeris is strongly involved in European projects on the themes of digital transition.

  • Project with cascade funding to support innovation in advanced materials related to lightweighting.
    AMULET project
  • Technological support for SMEs in the lightweighting sector for the automotive and aeronautical markets
    RIGHTWEIGHT project
Biobased materials
  • Designing epoxy resins by partially replacing BPA with a lignin-based biomass.
    Viable project
  • Biocomposites in smart plastic processing to pave the way for large-scale adoption of sustainable bioproducts.
    Bio-Uptake project

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