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The mission to Japan was held the week of November 14-19, 2022. It followed the webinar presentation of innovative Japanese companies in September and the survey on the interests of our members.

The themes selected were bio-based materials and recycling techniques.

In partnership with ADERLY, Yukiko Sugiyama VINCENT and Jean-Jacques LEGAT were able to meet with a dozen Japanese companies to discuss these topics, which are at the heart of our roadmap. Not surprisingly, these topics have an international impact and the concern for the preservation of the planet and the reduction of the environmental footprint are also omnipresent in the discussions and ambitions of the companies and groups we met.

Many of these companies also have European and French development ambitions and are looking for partnerships for these purposes. Here are the main interests shared with these various entities.

  • Daicel Corporation is a Japanese chemical company. The company's products include cellulose acetate, cigarette filter constituents,... and have developed a marine biodegradable material, Cellblend.
  • Mistui Chemical presented its decarbonation strategy around the axes of chemical, mechanical and biobased materials recycling, according to them, the real issue is the economic approach of biobased materials ...
  • CLOMA is an association for the preservation of the oceans and militates in favor of actions of protection such as loops of collection, recycling... of waste with a citizen model at the level of the communities of the metropolises and incites to the recycling, to the recovery, to the re-use of plastic products.
  • Sumitomo Chemical, a large chemical group, has developed a PMMA recycling process and is looking for French partners for the purification of MMA and then for the polymerization of PMMA.
  • TBM, our member continues to develop its Limex products (PP filled with calcium carbonate) in Europe and has built a first mechanical recycling plant in Tokyo capable of recycling its materials and many others.
  • Toyo Ink, a major ink producer is looking to expand in France and Europe, to see how we can help them promote their conductive inks and green inks to our network.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical is also very active in PMMA recycling and needs to know the available PMMA deposits in France and Europe.
  • Nedo, an agency promoting and supporting start-ups in the field of energy and industry, told us about some very interesting start-ups for which we will see how to organize a presentation to the network.
  • Nitto Denko received us in their R&D center in Osaka and are specialized on films and screens for smartphones, TV... with functional properties, possible technical collaborations considered.
  • And finally Toyobo, a large group specialized in films, textiles and fibers which has developed a biobased PEF and an innovative chemical recycling technique to discover.

Beautiful companies envious of collaboration in Europe and in France, let's face it!


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