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Dismantling and pre-treatment of end-of-life wind turbine blades

Composite materials account for 2% of the total mass of a wind turbine, and the aim of the European EoLO-HUBs project is to deploy large-scale technologies for recycling composites from end-of-life wind turbines.

The Spanish technology center AITIIP, coordinator of the project and drawing on its experience in the aeronautics sector, is working on the pre-treatment and preparation of composites prior to the recycling stage. To prepare these composites, the wind turbine blades must first be cut up and cleaned of the surface treatments they have undergone during manufacture.  

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PLAIRE works on high-performance recycled plastics

A regional consortium has just received a grant from France 2030 to develop new materials based on recycled plastics.
Labelled Techtera - Polymeris, the PLAIRE multi-partner project has just received 990,000 euros from France 2030. The consortium comprises four entities from the Aurhalp region. The project initiator is Cycl-Add (Maillat / Ain), an SME founded in 2016, which markets recycled plastics (mainly polypropylene and polyamide) using a process that supplies 100% recycled materials, including additives. The company is supported by a parent company, CRE-ADD, which includes a design office (Creastuce). Cycl-Add has in-house skills in eco-design and life-cycle analysis.

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Discover the 25 polymer waste recycling projects funded by POLREC

The first call for projects launched as part of the European POLREC project coordinated by Polymeris rewarded 25 polymer waste recycling projects led by European SMEs, including 9 from France. The aim of the call was to fund new, innovative polymer recycling processes, with a total budget of €660,00.
Of the 25 projects rewarded, 13 focused on mechanical recycling, 8 on chemical recycling and 4 on digitization. Find out more about the funded projects and their ambitions below:

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POLREC Innovation Open Call: 25 winning projects, including 9 from France

The results of the first call for projects launched as part of the European POLREC project coordinated by Polymeris are in: 25 SMEs have won, including 9 French ones, for a total budget of €660,000. The aim of this call for projects was to finance new, innovative polymer recycling processes, and it proved a resounding success, with 13 winning projects focusing on mechanical recycling, 8 on chemical recycling and 4 on digitalization.

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Launch of the European project THERMOFIRE

We are glad to announce the launch of the European project THERMOFIRE – Bio-based fire-retardant thermoplastic composites reinforced with natural fibres - funded by Horizon Europe, started on June, 1st 2023.

The project THERMOFIRE has the objective to develop novel bio-based and recyclable composites with enhanced mechanical properties and fire resistance by using natural fiber reinforcements and bio-based halogen-free flame retardants. The production of these novel composite materials will be scaled up and 3 types of demonstrators will be developed (for aerospace, automotive and textile applications). Through the development of such advanced materials, THERMOFIRE will contribute in EU’s independence towards fossil based polymers.

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Find out more about: Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE-JU)

The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE-JU) is a €2 billion partnership between the European Union and the Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC), which funds projects to promote competitive circular bio-based industries as part of Horizon Europe, the European Union's research and innovation program.

This European funding program builds on the success of its predecessor, BBI-JU. Since 2014, this €3.7 billion partnership between the European Union and BIC has supported Europe's biobased industries. For every euro of public money, 2.8 euros of private investment have been generated.

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Survey for the plastics recycling and plastics processing industries

You are a plastics recycling/plastics industry using raw materials from recycled plastic waste? You wish to set up new recycling processes for your plastic waste? Are you experiencing difficulties in obtaining raw materials from recycled plastics?

In the framework of the European project POLREC, we need your feedback on your activity, the difficulties you encounter and your needs. To do so, do not hesitate to answer the following questionnaire (10 minutes).

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EDIH4Manu International Launch Conference

Polymeris participated on January 24, 2023 in the international launch conference of the EDIH4Manu network organized by MADE Competence Center Industry 4.0 in Milan. A network of 25 EDIHs (European Digital Innovation Hub) coordinated by MADE Competence Center i4.0, EDIH4Manu gathers EDIHs from the most competitive European regions and represents more than 30% of the value-added of European manufacturing industries.

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