AI REDGIO 5.0: 3rd General Meeting of the project

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  • AI REDGIO 5.0: 3rd General Meeting of the project

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General Assembly AI REDGIO 5.0 project

Over two exciting days, our 43 European partners from 18 countries and 15 regions joined forces to shape the future of the project.
AI REDGIO 5.0 aims to strengthen regional AI partnerships among key EU regions, paving the way for major advances in the adoption of competitive AI technologies for regional SMEs. We would like to thank all our partners for their contributions aimed at boosting the European manufacturing SME landscape.

As a project partner via POLYTRONICS EU, our European digital innovation hub dedicated to smart polymers and AI, Polymeris is committed to supporting SMEs in their experiments, strengthening our networks and developing new services in collaboration with other EDIHs.

As a company, you have the opportunity to benefit from Polytronics services. Discover your level of digital maturity by completing our questionnaire:



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