Decarbonation / energy saving of production systems

Polymeris organizes a webinar dedicated to decarbonation and energy savings in production systems.

In France and in all industrialized countries, energy efficiency has become one of the main concerns, as it is an excellent way to reduce energy bills. Manufacturers are well aware that the less energy they consume, the more they can reduce their production costs. Energy savings are therefore a real lever to strengthen their competitiveness, but it also allows them to be more virtuous on the environmental level and therefore participates in the energy transition to reduce the carbon footprint of the company.

This webinar aims to present simple and effective tools to quickly reduce the energy consumption of your production tool.


8:30 am: Welcome and presentation of Polymeris

8:45 am: Presentation of EffiEnergy - voltage regulation

9h15: Presentation of Leviathan Dynamics - improvement of process heating and cooling

9:45 am: Presentation of Energy Solution - Energy performance management

10:15 am: Break

10h30: Presentation of Correctic - Use of IoT technologies for energy efficiency

11:00 am: Question and answer session

12:00: End of the session

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