The polymers of tomorrow


Morning Webinar: Tomorrow's Polymers Day - Focus on recycling

Event organized by ACD in partnership with Polymeris and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

ACD proposes its first meeting on the theme of 'Polymers of Tomorrow': recycled or biosourced? with a remote plenary session (webinar mode), the launch of a series of events for 2021!


9:00 : Welcoming words [Frédéric BATAILLE, ACD Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Polymeris]
09:15 : 'Polymers... a whole history! Plenary by Pr Henri Cramail [LCPO- Bordeaux].
10:15 : The End of life of polymers in the regional strategy [Fabienne GRANDCHAMP, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine]
10:25 : BREAK
10:35 : Chemical recycling of plastics: state of the art and opportunities [Eric WERNER, ADIT]
11:35 am: Progress of studies on the plastics industry in New Aquitaine and regional skills around chemical recycling:

  • Chemical recycling: Identification of regional skills in European R&D thanks to Technological Intelligence - Maelise PRESSE and Claire DOURY, LITT (Joint Laboratory Via Inno - New Aquitaine Region)]
  • State of the plastics sector in New Aquitaine [Sonia GRELIER, AREC]

12:10 : Financing and incentive systems for plastics recycling [Camille BARENNES, ADEME]
12:30 : Follow-up and conclusion [Sandrine ANDRE, ACD Nouvelle-Aquitaine]

Free participation but registration required: Registration

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