Polymer additive manufacturing in industry: uses and perspectives

Additive manufacturing is a vector of innovation in the industry. Come and talk about design, materials, technologies and post-printing during a technical day organized by Polymeris and Polyvia, in partnership with the University of Nantes.

Program :

  • A morning of conferences that will give a transversal approach to additive manufacturing and will address several themes:
         o  printing of resin injection molds,
         o  mass production on a powder basis,
         o  new high-performance materials for industry,
         o  post-printing issues...
  • Pitching sessions led by 4 start-ups with innovative concepts, both in terms of materials and technological solutions.
  • Demonstration workshops on 3D file preparation, silicone 3D printing, advances in wire and resin deposition technologies, etc.

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Place: 42 rue de la Tour d'Auvergne 44200 Nantes
Halle 6 Ouest

Partners :

Contact : Cécile BEDOUET - +33 (0)6 42 69 01 45

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