POLYMERIS, the French Competitiveness Cluster for Rubbers, Plastics and Composites, organized a Project Emergence Day of its Scientific Committee, entitled " Polymer Materials & Sensoriality ".

This scientific event will take place on November 24th, 2021 in Centre des Congrès Cité Mondiale in Bordeaux (33).

Many industrial sectors such as mobility (automotive, aeronautics, railways), sports, health, packaging or textile industry are already using the sensory properties of materials to develop new functionalities and create new objects in order to seduce and increase the well-being and comfort of consumers/users.

The perception of materials and the sensory interactions related to the five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) depend on each human being and his or her emotional background. To innovate, it is important to take into account many physical but also psychological factors.

What is the difference between perception and sensation? How can we develop materials with the specific properties expected by the consumer? How is the sensoriality of materials characterized?

In order to initiate solutions to meet these industrial needs, the Project Emergence Day will focus on all materials and characterization methods developed to satisfy consumer expectations.

Member rate : 200 €HT (240 €TTC)

Non-Member rate : 400 €HT (480 €TTC)


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