Information webinar on AMULET challenges and eligibility

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European funding opportunity for SMEs: come and apply to challenges on advanced lightweight materials

The development of advanced lightweight materials plays a major role in the transition to a circular and low-carbon economy. The European project AMULET (Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies United for Lightweight) aims to highlight the innovation potential of SMEs to address these technological challenges.

The targeted application areas are: aerospace, automotive, energy and construction.
The AMULET project proposes a call for projects for SMEs, projects visible here: Challenges AMULET

POLYMERIS offers a national information webinar to inform you about the challenges and eligibility and to answer your questions: French INFO DAY on 10/05 at 10am on TEAMS.

To register for the webinar, please contact Uyxing VONGSAYSY:

The AMULET consortium organizes European information events on three dates:

Registrations to INFO DAYS



+33 (0)6 42 64 42 79

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