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Cross-Border Circular Economy Forum

Forum organised by the Chablais Economic Agency.

The first cross-border circular economy forum provides solutions and business opportunities for companies and local authorities to get involved in this model that respects resources and the planet.

In a context of increasingly rapid global warming affecting the various economic sectors of the Lake Geneva region, this forum aims to :

  • Raise awareness of the circular economy among economic actors and local authorities, and around international, national and regional initiatives, in a peer-to-peer approach: elected officials present their experiences to elected officials and companies that have taken the approach, talk to company managers
  • Highlight remarkable initiatives in this field and encourage the above-mentioned targets to reproduce them in their territory
  • Discover the opportunities for new activities and solutions with high employment potential and boost the local circular economy,
  • To highlight the territory around this federative and transverse subject and to make it spread on a local and cross-border scale (Canton of Geneva, Lake Geneva area).

The Forum will be organised around three main events:

  • A plenary conference;
  • Panel discussions linked to the main sectors in the region: construction, food, tourism and events.
  • Workshops to help companies and local authorities position themselves in relation to this new circular economy model.

and a village of exhibitors:

Throughout the day, economic actors and local elected representatives will have access to the exhibitors' village, composed of organisations and companies that are supporting the change of model or have already moved towards the circular economy, in order to exchange solutions.

POLYMERIS will be present at the cross-border circular economy forum. It will lead a panel discussion on "Industry anchored in a territory".

From eco-design to the end of the product's life, or how to move from linear industry to circular industry? This panel discussion deals with the transformation issues that the circular economy implies for the industry.

Well upstream of recycling, the circular industry creates new value propositions. The intensification and renewal of the use of materials allows for the creation of new economic models and the rethinking of industrial models and product design. For manufacturers, the gains are significant and the reorientation of business models allows for a winning differentiation on the markets. As for the teams, they are re-engaged in a meaningful project. Their commitment is even stronger when they take the lead in solving environmental problems. This panel discussion deals with the transformation issues that the circular economy implies for the sector.

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Contact: Sylvie CHARREL - +33 (0)6 30 50 20 15

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