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Polymeris is organizing an Emergence of Projects Day for its Scientific Council on the theme "Polymers for Hydrogen", in partnership with the S2E2 cluster and ID4CAR

Presented as part of the France Relance plan, the “French hydrogen strategy” gives priority to the decarbonisation of industry, the production of hydrogen by electrolysis, professional mobility, and support for R&D and training. Thus, 7.2 billion euros will be devoted to the development of the hydrogen sector by 2030, including 2 billion in the next two years. New energies are also at the heart of European strategy, in particular in the Green Deal and its historic budget of 1000 billion euros. Six major central axes will constitute European policy for the next seven years, including one around climate, energy and mobility. In addition, between 2025 and 2030, the European Commission has set a target of 40 GW of generation capacity and 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen.

The development of the hydrogen sector in France and in Europe presents many challenges: environmental, economic and technological. Innovation in elastomeric and polymer materials will be able to meet these different challenges, in particular for storage, distribution, carbon-free production, sealing, etc.

In order to initiate solutions to meet these challenges, the Emergence of Projects Day will focus on the contribution of elastomers and polymers for the entire hydrogen value chain. The purpose of the Emergence of Projects day is to identify the subjects of collaborative research projects that can be supported by Polymeris in their assembly and submission.



Polymeris, S2E2 or ID4CAR member: 100 € excl.tax (120 € incl.tax)
Non-member: 175 € excl.tax (210 € incl.tax)

Contact : Aurélie REPETO

Mail : aurélie.repeto@polymeris.fr

Phone : +33 (0)6 42 64 53 75

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