Call for Expressions of Interest for Behavioral Prediction of Materials

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  • Call for Expressions of Interest for Behavioral Prediction of Materials
AMI Prédiction Comportementale des Matériaux (2)

Establish a consortium to set up a collaborative project

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Provisional date : end of 2021

Through its Scientific Advisory Board, Polymeris conducts monitoring activities as part of its Technology Roadmap. A promising topic of interest concerning the Behavioral Prediction of Materials has been identified.

We therefore launch this Call for Expression of Interest to establish a consortium likely to set up a collaborative project around the modeling and simulation of mechanical behavior such as those classically encountered for thermoplastics and thermosets (viscoelastic or viscoelastoplastic) or those encountered for elastomers (more specific due to the large transformations encountered and their formulated nature: hyperelastic or visco-hyperelastic behavior). Exchanges will have to be carried out to evoke the framework of the studies by taking into account the static, cyclic, temperature, aged behaviors... and this that the materials are virgin, recycled, biosourced, filled... The identification of the scientific, technological locks will have to be the subject of a particular attention while approaching the numerical and experimental pan. This theme seems to be at the heart of current concerns in both the academic and industrial worlds.

If you are interested in this topic and think you can contribute your skills to a collaborative project, please contact Martin PAJOT +33 (0)7 88 05 08 60 ou Maxime VERMEULEN +33 (0)7 85 01 34 80.

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